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The University of Mary Washington sought to honor Dr. Farmer's legacy in 2020 by focusing on his achievements and holding campus wide events. This website was created in preparation for the historic year. 2020 was chosen because it was the 10th…

Dean Phil Hall and a colleague with James Farmer at MWC's 1997 commencement.

James Farmer giving a speech

Close-up of James Farmer at Mary Washington's Kappa of Virginia chapter, Phi Beta Kappa induction, April 4, 1993. Farmer was inducted as an Honorary member to the campus chapter.

James L. Farmer (left) at UMW's Phi Beta Kappa Virginia Chapter honorary induction ceremony.

James Farmer (left) signing the Chapter's register as an honorary member with Dr. Robert (Bob) Rycroft (right)at Mary Washington's Phi Beta Kappa, Kappa of Virginia Chapter Induction Ceremony.

Dean Phil Hall and President William Anderson with Professor of History and American studies, James Farmer, at Commencement 1997.

James Farmer (center) receives an honorary degree from President William Anderson (left) at the 1997 commencement ceremony.

This document shows the courses that Dr. Farmer taught in 1993 and the number of students enrolled in his class. Additionally, this document talks about his office hours and the number of term papers that Dr. Farmer had to grade. This document also…
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