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The MWC department faculty at Popes Creek around 1992, which is at the George Washington Birthplace National Monument in Westmoreland County. The people in the photo, from left to right, are Darryl Nash (adjunct), Otho Campbell, Key Ryang, William…

This collection contains a selection of photographs featuring materials from James L. Farmer, Jr.'s personal papers and UMW’s Office of University Relations & Communications. Farmer was the founder of the Congress on Racial Equality (CORE), the…

This is the official alumni magazine of Mary Washington College. In the edition, Dr. Farmer is mentioned in "Faculty Highlights."

The Bullet was the student newspaper at Mary Washington College. As described in the article "Civil Rights Legend: No Longer Just A Visitor," Dr. Farmer is declared a "Distinguished Professor" to replace his former title of "Visiting Professor"

James Farmer lecturing in his Civil Rights class.

Farmer in Civil Rights class. Seated at table in front of students.

Farmer in class lecturing, seated at a table.

James Farmer teaching his Civil Rights class, February 1998.

James Farmer teaching his Civil Rights class, February 1998.
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