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Farmer in Civil Rights class. Seated at table in front of students.

Farmer in class lecturing, seated at a table.

This is a copy of the syllabus that would have been given to students during the Fall Semester of 1994 for Dr. Farmer's Introduction to the Civil Rights Movement, HIST 200.

This document shows the courses that Dr. Farmer taught in 1993 and the number of students enrolled in his class. Additionally, this document talks about his office hours and the number of term papers that Dr. Farmer had to grade. This document also…

This is the answer key to the final exam that students in Dr. Farmer's class took during the Spring Semester of 1993.

Class Rules.jpg
This document was created during Dr. Farmer’s time at Mary Washington College by Dr. Porter Blakemore. It was created to prevent students from taking advantage of Dr. Farmer’s disability and ensure that students were treating him with the respect…
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